STAT Medical Rides
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
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Private Pay Rates:

*All rates are the same for ambulatory and wheelchair transport.

  Pick-up fee - $18.00

  Mileage after the first 5 miles - $1.75/mi

  Unloaded Mileage - $1.36/mi

  Wait Fee - $5.00/Unit

  Cancel within hour of pick up & No show - $45.00 flat rate

*When transporting the passenger to and from appointments, we count the first five miles free of charge. Mileage fees start accumulating after the initial five miles of transport.
**Unloaded mileage is charged for any mileage in addition to the first 20 miles it takes to get to the initial pick-up address for the passenger.
***Wait fees begin accumulating immediately. One unit is considered one 30 minute period. 

****Wisconsin is a brokage state which means we are not allowed to bill Medicare or Medicaid. Transportation can only be billed through a Managed Care Organization, facility, or a broker.

  ~Facilities and MCO's please contact us for additional information.~